G-Wave offers a broad selection of systems in the 138-174 MHz frequency range which covers VHF units featuring extremely low noise for a wide range of applications. G-Wave engineers are able to customize VHF BDAs to exact frequency specifications.

Standard BDAs start at +20 dBm on the uplink and +20 dBm downlink output power and are also offered at +27 dBm, +30 dBm, or +33 dBm. All VHF products are equipped with local visual alarms as a standard feature. Any NFPA, IFC, or other features that you require are available to add a la carte. Units can be assembled in wall mount, rack mount and/or NEMA 4 enclosures.


If you do not see a product in our list that meets all specifications,  e-mail the Custom BDA Configuration Form to info@gwaverf.com for a custom solution.

**Please note all specs listed are FCC approved for US sales. For IC Approved specifications and models for Canada, please contact G-Wave directly.**

Power Options

All units are available with 50, 60, or 70 dB Gain