+27 dBm UL / +33 dBm DL

Public Safety BDA Accessories


G-Wave’s public safety line of products in the 700-900 MHz bands are uniquely optimized repeaters with improved noise figure and selectivity. For this line of BDAs, the minimum required options to be classified as a public safety product are already included, while the rest of our options are still offered a la carte. All products are equipped with local visual alarms as a standard feature. The “C” enclosure is NEMA 4 rated and may be used as an outdoor unit.

Enclosure Types


C NEMA 4 Indoor Non-NFPAIndoor NEMA 4 Enclosure (C)
(Visual Alarms Only)
C NEMA 4 NFPA Enclosure
Indoor Nema 4 Enclosure (C)
R 19
19″ Rack Enclosure (R)
See below the electronic specifications for our standard SKUd units. If you need a custom configuration for your application, you can begin customizing your unit with the Custom BDA Configuration Form.
**Please note all specs listed are FCC approved for US sales.
For IC Approved specifications and models for Canada, please contact G-Wave directly.**


Standard Electronic Specifications


Download SKUd Spec Sheets

Features Available

  • O – Environmentally Sealed for Outdoor Applications
  • S1 – External +24 VDC Back Up
  • ODSC – Oscillation Detect/Display and Shut Down of all Amplifiers(May be combined with RM7 or O26 Features for Local Alarming at time of Oscillation)
  • DC28 – Powered by DC ONLY @ +28 VDC
  • LGHT – Lightning Protection on UL & DL Ports
  • RED – Red Enclosure
  • RM7 – Local Alarming via 7 Pin Connector – Applicable for C and N enclosuresOnly Amplifier Failure Alarm & ALC Alarm
  • RM9 – Local Alarming via 9 Pin Connector – Applicable for B, M or R EnclosuresOnly Amplifier Failure Alarm & ALC Alarm
  • O26 – Local Alarming via 26‐Pin Dry Contact Connector with Donor Alarm, Amplifier Alarm, ALC Alarm & Battery Back‐up Failure Alarm
  • D – Cannon Type AC Connector (no power protections included)
  • STNB – BDA Standby Mode – Only available in conjunction with RM7 or O26
  • 90 – 90 dB Gain
  • ACSP – AC Surge Protection and DC Line Conditioning
  • R – 19” Rack Enclosure
  • DISP1 – Internal LCD Screen Providing Live Readout of Composite Output PowerAvailable on “N” and “R” Enclosures only

* *Please refer to specific product page for available features applicable to your product selection.