Hybrid Passive/Active DAS Solution

G-Wave’s cost effective approach to in-building active DAS solutions for Public Safety applications:
The Hybrid Headend

Extending coverage beyond your headend BDA’s output power capacity? Depending on the size and structure of the building, cable runs may quickly diminish the amplified power of a BDA through distribution. Time to switch to fiber. Why not kill two birds with one stone (or don’t because that’s cruel) and save space with G-Wave’s Passive/Active DAS Solution. This model is an Active Headend Optical Module. A cost effective approach to in-building DAS for two-way radio coverage; this module not only amplifies the donor signal level to feed a fiber optic transceiver located inside the enclosure, it also provides local area coverage via passive DAS, all in a single – space saving – enclosure! Two in one – Bi-Directional Amplifier and Fiber optic Headend.

Band Table

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