FOHOM – Headend Optical Modules

FOHOM – Headend Optical Modules

G‐Wave’s Headend Optical Modules, or FOHOMs, are one of the simplest ways to efficiently and affordably convert your signal to feed a fiber system. Our FOHOMs have an internal FoTx which converts your existing signal to fiber in order to feed up to 24 separate remotes. Available in NEMA 1, NEMA 4 and 19” Rack Mount Enclosures, our FOHOM is available to support VHF, UHF, LMR 700/800/900 and all cellular bands.

1:1 Headend

*Headend above has duplexed input for easier installation when coupling off existing cable run.

1:20 Headend

**Headend above has simplex input for use when fed directly from a repeater.


*All configurations above can be incorporated internally into a FOHOM, optical headend, with or without amplification.

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