Fiber Solutions

G-Wave’s team of engineers has extensive experience in a wide range of RF designs and implementations at both the component and system levels. This comprehensive knowledge of both facets of RF capabilities enables G-Wave to provide customers with unique insight, resulting in an efficient and high-performance design.​

G-Wave Fiber Systems can be fed from any signal source, not necessarily G-Wave BDAs, allowing for the flexibility to design the most cost effective solution. With custom built combiners, G-Wave is able to include multiple services into one neutral host Fiber Distributed Antenna System (DAS). Our designs have been used in multi story buildings, airports, hospitals, conventions centers and tunnels as well as in many outdoor sites where coverage needed to be enhanced.

G-Wave’s comprehensive fiber solutions are available from 1:1 optical link, to 1:24 optical link for feeding up to 24 remotes and are available for Public Safety 700, 800, 900, VHF, UHF, Tetra, and all cellular bands. We also offer large scale multi-service systems and all the required components to combine them into a single highly efficient in-building DAS or campus solution.

See below the electronic specifications for our standard SKUd units. These are only a small portion of the units and options that we have available. For specs or information on anything not listed, please contact us at

**Please note all specs listed are FCC approved for US sales. For IC Approved specifications and models for Canada, please contact G-Wave directly.**

Features Available:

  • O – Environmentally Sealed for Outdoor Applications
  • S1 – External +24 VDC Back Up
  • ODSC – Oscillation Detect/Display and Shut Down of all Amplifiers(May be combined with RM7 or O26 Features for Local Alarming at time of Oscillation)
  • DC28 – Powered by DC ONLY @ +28 VDC
  • LGHT – Lightning Protection on UL & DL Ports
  • RED – Red Enclosure
  • RM7 – Local Alarming via 7 Pin Connector – Applicable for C and N enclosuresOnly Amplifier Failure Alarm & ALC Alarm
  • RM9 – Local Alarming via 9 Pin Connector – Applicable for B, M or R EnclosuresOnly Amplifier Failure Alarm & ALC Alarm
  • O26 – Local Alarming via 26‐Pin Dry Contact Connector with Donor Alarm, Amplifier Alarm, ALC Alarm & Battery Back‐up Failure Alarm
  • D – Cannon Type AC Connector (no power protections included)
  • STNB – BDA Standby Mode – Only available in conjunction with RM7 or O26
  • 90 – 90 dB Gain
  • ACSP – AC Surge Protection and DC Line Conditioning
  • R – 19” Rack Enclosure
  • DISP1 – Internal LCD Screen Providing Live Readout of Composite Output PowerAvailable on “N” and “R” Enclosures only

**Please refer to specific product page for available features applicable to your product selection.

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