Filters, Diplexers and Duplexers


Filters, Diplexers, Duplexers


Cavity filters manufactured by G-Way/G-Wave exhibit unmatched LOW Insertion Loss, High Selectivity, and excellent Passive Intermodulation performance (PIM). The filters that we offer as accessories are required by many installers/integrators and system designers. We offer both BAND REJECT and BAND PASS Filters as needed.
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When two filters are connected together at one side a Diplexer is created. The Diplexer is a 3 port device. In Wireless Communications, diplexers are used to connect the Receive path (Rx) and Transmit path (Tx) to one Common or Antenna port. G-Way/G-Wave uses a vast variety of High “Q” Cavity Diplexers in a majority of our systems, some products are offered as accessories required by many installers/integrators and system designers.
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When two filters are connected together at both ends, a Duplexer is created. The Duplexer is a 2 port device. In Wireless Communications, duplexers enhance selectivity of the service for specific Carriers. GWay/G-Wave uses a vast variety of High “Q”Cavity Duplexers. Products are offered as accessories, required by many installers integrators and system designers.
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