Cross Band Combiners

G-Wave offers a large variety of Cross Band Combiners for combining multiple carriers in various bands, such as VHF/ UHF/ LTE/ PSS/ CELL/ PCS/ AWS/ WiFi/ WiMAX etc., into one common cable run or DAS (Distribution Antenna System). Call for complete offering and availability beyond the table below.

Low Loss Cross Band Combiners/Diplexers

G-Wave’s Cross Band Combiners and Diplexers feature incredibly low loss and are the most efficient service combining solutions on the market, regardless of mounting configuration shown below, all units are available in wall mount, rack mount, or NEMA 4 enclosure. Please specify if you wish to alter the mounting configuration. Unless specified otherwise, units come with standard N-Type Female Connectors

  • Enterprise Service Combiners/ Diplexers
  • Public Safety Service Combiners/Diplexers
  • Public Safety, Enterprise and Paging Service Combiners/ Diplexers