RigBooster Solutions

Already deployed and proven in the field since 2003, G-Wave’s RigBooster series enhances the coverage area of a base station to reach RF shielded locations. RigBoosters are BDAs assembled in a NEMA 4 rated enclosure(NEMA 9 HazLoc enclosures also available) and specifically designed for oil and mining companies to extend RF coverage to remote drilling locations and tunnels.

RigBoosterPro Sample Spec

Seeking an outdoor signal amplification solution?
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Standard Features:

  • NEMA 4, IP 65 Rated Enclosure, environmentally sealed
  • ACSP – AC Surge Protection and DC Line Conditioning
  • OCAG – Oscillation Detect and Automatic Gain Adjustment
  • Heat Sink
  • Condensation Conditioning Feature
  • Automatic Thermal Switch – Dissipates heat in warmer climates
  • Drainage System – Preventing incidental damage in harsh environments
  • Visual alarms
  • D – Cannon Type AC Connector
  • SOOW Flexible Cable, Designed for rugged outdoor applications

Additional Available Options:

  • NEMA 9, IP 60 rated enclosures for hazardous locations
  • LGHT – Lighting protection on Input and Output ports
  • RM7-Remote Monitoring via 7-pin connector and pigtail
  • S1-Battery backup connector
  • DC28-Powered by +28 VDC only
  • OCMG Model-Oscillation detect, display and manual gain adjustment
  • Remote Monitoring via GUI/ Ethernet Connectivity to LAN
  • Door latch