Campus Solutions

G-Wave’s in-building DAS and multi-building Fiber DAS systems are designed to pick up a signal from a nearby base-station, amplify and distribute it throughout a large building or across an entire campus; achieving optimal coverage wherever it is needed most.

Nationwide, schools are adopting two-way radio systems as a highly effective tool for preventing and responding to emergency situations. Our unprecedented array of power options makes it possible to provide coverage to basements, parking garages or full scale buildings. A professional radio system, implemented on a district-wide basis can provide direct communication between the central office, school administration, school resource officers and local public safety agencies, allowing for a quick, coordinated response.

G-Wave specializes in designing and manufacturing Public Safety and Cellular signal enhancement equipment used in the design of a DAS (Distributed Antenna System). These in-building bi-directional amplifiers and their fiber optic counterparts, safely and economically receive, enhance and distribute two way radio communication throughout an entire campus.

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